Visit València Foundation

The ideal promotional tool for serving the tourist trade​

VISIT VALÈNCIA is a non-profit Foundation, in which the Valencia City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Feria València, the Valencian Business Confederation, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the Tourist Board of the Provincial Council participate, along with most of the local companies in the tourism sector.

Our goal is the strategic management and promotion of the city of València in the tourism sector, with a professional focus which combines public and private interest.

Since its creation in 1991, the Foundation has contributed to the evolution of tourism in the city, favouring employment, tourism development and increase in its economic impact; factors which have directly influenced the wellbeing of Valencian society.


  •  We carry out and promote research and analysis concerning urban tourism.
  • We create brand recognition for the city of València in the world through actions related to:
    •   Marketing
    •   Communication
    •   Support and promotion of events
  • We create and publicise different lines of VLC products to current and potential clients:
  •   Specific plans for VLC products: VLC Convention Bureau, Cruises, Gastronomy, VLC with Children, VLC Natural Space, VLC Excellence, VLC Shopping.
  • We carry out actions annually for the promotion and commercialization of the destination.
  • We establish and manage a network of visitor information and service offices both in the city and online.
    •   Tourist Information stands
    •   València Tourist Card
    •   Online
  •   Other products and services for visitors
  • We prepare annual plans of action by market, as well as strategic mid-term and long-term programmes to regulate the management of the city as an urban tourism destination.


Work to position Valencia as an internationally recognized tourist destination for its Mediterranean lifestyle, history, traditions and avant-garde, with a collaborative, sustainable and profitable tourism model.

A unique place to discover, enjoy, learn or do business, able to meet the needs and aspirations of the most demanding professional tourists


The implementation of a new collaborative governance model, with stable participation and management structures, qualified teams, pioneering technologies, intelligence and knowledge, with a segmented marketing approach aimed at the new tourist.


The activity of the Visit València Foundation has been structured around 4 strategies, which respond to specific objectives.

Create value for the visitor:

  • Increase the interest of the city for the new tourist, more visible and attractive the set of services and experiences that the city offers
  • Expand the options of consumption of the visitors, increasing the despair mitjana and the yield of the tourist activity to the city
  • Structuring the set of tourist offerings and services of the city around product programs, promoting a more efficient, segmented and marketing management of the destination with a greater business leadership
  • Intensify and optimize the ICTs in the interaction with the tourist. Posting at the disposal, through the online eines, the wealth of information and the expert council on the preparation of the trip fins to the cap of the experience in the destination
  • Continually expand the Tourist Info services, reorganize the information offices, reorient them to donate one month service centered on the user experience

Update the València brand. Segmented and technological promotion

  • Increase demand throughout the year, helping to seasonally adjust the destination
  • Capture new demand segments with greater spending capacity
  • Expand the market share of international tourism
  • Focus communication in a differentiated way
  • Expand current air connectivity and support new connections in high-capacity and high-spending markets
  • Optimize the use of ICTs and innovate in destination marketing management

A smart and sustainable destination

  • Improve tourist information and knowledge oriented to decision-making in companies and institutions
  • Implement a Comprehensive Smart Destination Management System
  • Minimize the social and environmental impacts of tourism and maximize the positive ones
  • Improve accessibility. Tourism for all
  • Implement solutions to the problem of unregulated tourist accommodation
  • Promote talent and hospitality
  • Promote the quality of the experience of our tourists

Transparent, Efficient and Collaborative Governance

  • Implement a more comprehensive and collaborative tourism governance model
  • Provide the Visit València Foundation with a more efficient, transparent and participatory structure
  • Increase the responsibility and participation of private agents in tourism management
  • Increase and diversify the income of the Visit València Foundation
  • Improve participation and awareness with tourism for citizens and visitors


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