SICTED: Quality project at destination


A recognition that is part of the Spanish Tourism Quality System and can be obtained through adhesion to the SICTED, Comprehensive Spanish Tourism Quality System in Destination.

SICTED is an initiative of the Secretary of State for Tourism and the FEMP to promote more competitive and sustainable tourist destinations through an offer of quality products and services (public and private) that satisfy the expectations of our clients, tourists.


Valencia committed to quality tourism

Establishments Distinguished for their tourist commitment



  • Once the annual limit of adhesions has been exceeded, the protective partners of the Visit València foundation will have priority as the managing body of the project in the city of Valencia
  • Develop the activity, have headquarters or the registered office in the municipality of Valencia. 
    • In the case of tourist establishments or services that carry out their activity entirely online, it will be analyzed
    • If you belong to any of the SICTED trades
    • If there is an identified point of contact in the destination for that company.
  • Positive assessment of Visit València regarding the relevance of the company and its adaptation to the tourism promotion strategy of Valencia as a tourist destination
  • Compliance with the applicable legislation in force, for which it must be in a position to prove the necessary documentation to carry out the business: opening license, registration with the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), registration with the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS), registration in the Tourist Companies Registry of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, civil liability insurance if applicable
  • Commit to compliance with all the points established in the protocol of adhesion to the SICTED.
  • Belong to any of the activities (trades) that have a manual of good practices and that are not expressly excluded in the model.

If you meet these requirements you can apply for membership




  • It lasts approximately one calendar year, reserving the months of January and February admissions (you must be attached at least 6 months before the evaluation).

  • The process up to the award, although it has no economic cost, requires some dedication; Therefore, participants must commit by signing the following protocol Protocolo-Adhesion-Sicted with the following requirements:
    Carry out a training that establishes the own methodology of a minimum of 25 hours. The contents can be consulted in the section "Training modules for establishments / services"

Much of this training can be done "online".

  • Application of a series of good practices established in the corresponding manual depending on the activity. Also available in the section "SICTED Good Practice Manuals by trade"

  • Receive technical assistance (3 the first year) for the application of a manual of good practices.

  • Participate in a group to improve the destination (eg product programs or Visit València projects or other initiatives in the city)

  • Preparation of an improvement plan showing a minimum of three improvements made in the current year.

  • Undergo an evaluation of no more than 3 hours in duration. The evaluation reports are anonymously ratified in a tourist quality table (technical in nature) made up of members representing the regional and local administrations, as well as the private local sector (usually people who are currently part of the executive committees of Visit València product programs) to be presented to one of the distinguished committees of the Secretary of State for Tourism (scheduled in June and November), the body that grants or denies the distinction.

SICTED Distinction "Prepared COVID 19"

The Secretary of State for Tourism and the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Tourism Quality (ICTE) has created the Advanced Good Practices SICTED for reducing the risk of contagion by the SARS-CoV-19 coronavirus in the tourism sector .
The SICTED establishments distinguished in this process have implemented and passed an external documentary evaluation with the intention of providing their clients with a more controlled and secure service as far as possible.



plano de valencia
Tourism stimulus plan
Albufera de valencia
Quality, environment and accessibility policy
Albufera de valencia
Sustainability projects