Quality, environment and accessibility policy

Visit València, an entity dedicated to the tourism promotion of Valencia, aims to lead a model of excellent tourism governance and recognized prestige, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, the strategic quality management is accepted as a requirement for increasing competitiveness and based on the principles of:

  • Respect for people
  • Respect for the natural environment
  • Motivation and teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Universal accessibility.

Visit València has implemented an integrated quality, environment and accessibility management system according to the standards

  • UNE in ISO 9001 quality management systems
  • UNE in ISO 14001 of environmental management
  • UNE-ISO 14.785 Tourist information offices (brand Q)
  • UNE-187.005 Convention bureaux (brand q)
  • UNE 170001 for accessibility management, which guarantees excellent results.

Therefore, it is necessary that all members of the organization commit to the following aspects:

  • Compliance with the legal requirements of quality, environment and accessibility applicable to our activity, as well as the Dalco criteria that may be applicable to our offices
  • Obtaining the greatest satisfaction of the interested parties: visitors, entities that make up the local tourist offer and the citizens themselves.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality, environment and accessibility management system.
  • To mitigate as far as possible the environmental impacts that may derive from the development of the organization's activities, including the prevention of pollution, thus committing ourselves to the protection of the environment.

To achieve success in this project, the Visit València management assumes the commitment to lead the entire process, procuring the necessary resources and the involvement of all staff to achieve quality, environment and accessibility objectives.