València, tourist town of the Valencian Community

In January 2021, The Generalitat Valenciana recognized the status of tourist town of the Valencian Community to the City of Valencia, within the framework of Decree 5/2020 of January 10 of the Council, of Regulation of the Statute of the Tourist Town of the Valencian Community, which in turn develops Law 15/2018, of June 7, of the Generalitat, of tourism, leisure and hospitality of the Valencian Community.

This recognition confirms the compliance, by the city, of different criteria related to the tourist population, the number of tourist accommodation places or its first-rate tourist resources.

At the same time, it verifies compliance with different obligations such as the provision of truthful and complete tourist information, having a tourist plan, the identification, protection and adequate promotion of first-rate tourist resources, an orientation of the town towards the concept of an intelligent tourist destination, having strategies that reinforce the quality of the destination, collaboration with the local media for inspection against intrusion and the existence of mechanisms for the effective participation of citizens and social and economic agents.

This recognition, therefore, confirms the alignment of town and regional tourism policies, and reinforces the destination's orientation towards tourism sustainability, intelligence in knowledge and management systems, hospitality, the ethical code of tourism, the valorization of territory and landscape, the relevance of culture, signs of identity and local tradition, and the cooperation and participation of local entities and organizations in a new governance model; at the same time, it strengthens its position to participate in regional promotional plans and actions and enables greater access to financing for its tourism activity, placing Valencia and all its agents in a better competitive situation.


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