Governance model with València brand

Collaboration between administrations

It should be permanent and growing, so that it adds resources and efforts, generates synergies and avoids overlaps. Visit València promotes this collaboration and ensures that the dynamic is real, encouraging initiatives at a municipal level such as the Municipal Commission for Tourism Coordination or being present in others, such as the Tourism Board, at a regional level.

Similarly, and following this work philosophy, it has collaboration agreements with the regional and provincial administrations, which are renewed and evaluated annually. In addition, the Foundation has given them a voice on the executive committees of the product programmes and has incorporated them into the governing bodies of the Foundation, unprecedented initiatives in its history.

Collaboration with the private sector

In 2016, Visit València launched a strategy to articulate product programmes that incorporate the sector into the entire process of designing and executing promotional plans and actions.

Each programme is managed by an executive committee. Its members are voted on and elected by the members of the programme from among the candidates who present themselves voluntarily. In those executive committees in which it makes sense, due to the composition of the offer being managed, the regional and provincial administrations also have a voice, thus creating a space for public-private dialogue aimed at action and decision-making. This structuring of the offer has led to the creation of programmes such as Culture and Leisure, Valencia Convention Bureau, Gastronomy, Sports, Shopping, Health or Unique, which are now fully operational.

Involvement of society

The citizen is an inseparable part of the process, as a resident and from the economic activities he or she carries out and which can benefit directly or indirectly from tourism.

They must be participants in and knowledgeable about an activity that translates into the use of their streets, the shops they frequent and their own businesses, their favourite restaurants, accommodation near their homes, the heritage of their city, cultural, historical or leisure.

Their involvement, therefore, must go beyond passive knowledge. The resident is the main prescriber of his/her city, of its identity and values, of its quality of life and good coexistence and, in short, of its offer, which is also tourist. The Municipal Tourism Council, as well as the Specialised Work Commissions that branch off from it, created at the proposal of the Council members themselves, closes the circle of multilevel participation that the vision of Tourism and the City envisages, and provides a formal tool for the citizen to ensure that he or she is also present throughout the process.


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