Tourism stimulus plan

The emergence of COVID-19 has caused a huge economic and social impact, opening a deep economic crisis that affects tourism activity more severely.

To overcome it, the local economy depends to a large extent on the reactivation of tourism. For this reason, it is necessary to promote the recovery of demand and boost support for local companies and businesses. The different actions should be developed within the framework of a strategy that allows to continue advancing in sustainability, quality of life and digital transformation, pillars on which the 2020 City Tourism Plan is already based.

This important global goal can only be achieved with the effort and work of all. To this end, Visit València is drawing up a Tourism Stimulus Plan to reactivate activity in the city, with the effort and participation of all the actors involved.

Some bases that we are developing in a cohesive and coordinated way with all tourism agents, and that are open to the participation of the sector and citizens.

You can check them here.



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Visit València Foundation
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Sustainability, a pillar of Valencia's tourism strategy