Digitalisation of Tourist Offices

he city's tourist offices are making an enormous effort to digitalise to offer visitors the best possible experience when visiting the city with as much information as possible on digital supports, thus reducing the use of paper. 

All our information brochures and other information about the city and tourist services have been digitalised so that visitors can consult them directly on their mobile devices, by sending an e-mail, by mobile messaging (WhatsApp) or simply by scanning a QR code. 

The implementation of the Info tourist tool has allowed us to use new information and content management supports in digital formats: 


Digital signage 

It allows images and videos to be inserted on the different screens of each office that inspire and inform about activities that take place in the city, as well as promoting the brand and activities in the city. The agenda section provides information on activities and events taking place in València over the next few days. 

pantallas informativas oficinas


Information points 

These are "self-service" touch screens where visitors can browse through the different sections, consulting and choosing information that can then be sent to their digital devices for them to look at later. 

Pantalla táctil oficina turismo


Turn managers 

They establish a queue-free appointment system, which allows physical distribution around the office space and mobility to consult other informative and inspirational supports for visits and activities in the city. 

Oficina de Ayuntamiento



This is a digital survey system for the immediate evaluation of the service and information received at the tourist office. It also offers the possibility of providing suggestions for improvement in line with our quality and continuous improvement objective. Every year we record several thousand surveys with average values of over four and a half out of five and NPS (destination promoters) of around 75%. 




This is a management tool for digitalised content. It has allowed us to have a large database of information in digital format that can be shared with any support or mobile device (phone, tablet, PC...) available to the visitor. The information is sent in a personalised and segmented way, according to the specific interests of each visitor, and can be consulted at any time during the visit to the city. The information can be accessed through a QR code or an email sent to the visitor by a tourist informer in a personalised way. 

  • The contents available in a digital format are: 
  • Interactive maps and plans, with personalised annotations on the map. 
  • Guides, documents, and information leaflets. 
  • Points of interest or relevant points. 
  • Tourist routes. 
  • Information on city news and events in agenda format. 
  • Links to interesting or relevant contents of the city. 

In addition, all accesses to these tools entail a record of visitors and requests for information that make up statistics that are very useful for finding out what information is most in-demand and in what formats, how many downloads are made, and which are the most requested topics. 

These statistical records also show the trend towards increased consumption of information in digital format and savings in the distribution of paper formats, which brings us more in line with our sustainability objectives. 


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