SISVENTUR: Global sales and distribution platform

SISVENTUR is the global sales and distribution platform of the Visit València foundation, a large marketplace of tourist products and services of the city of València that allows us to distribute them through different channels, either through Visit València's own website, its tourist offices, the smart kiosks spread throughout the city, sales through tour operators or other points of sale or white label ticket offices. 

The final objective is none other than to have all the tourist services offered by the city perfectly integrated and to identify each and every one of the sales, as well as the absolute control of what is sold, where it is sold and how it is sold. 

SISVENTUR has a unique, totally flexible, and customisable product catalogue from which the entire range is distributed in real time to the different sales channels and applications that make up the platform. In addition, SISVENTUR is integrated with the main tourist attractions in the city, allowing the sale and control of capacity in real time. 

What applications does SISVENTUR include? 

  1. Ticket Shop: Ticket sales office for tourist offices. 

  1. Experticket: Back office for sales, reports, and invoicing. 

  1. Visit València Shop: Online shop for the sale of tourist services. 

  1. Tour operation: Sales application for tour operators to sell our services and products. 

  1. White Label Ticket Offices: Designed for our collaborators to sell products online to the end customer. 

  1. Smart Points: Designed so that customers can buy from our digital kiosks. 



Architecture based on Api Rest 

SISVENTUR's architecture is structured in API layers that integrate the entire sales and customer communication ecosystem and allows us to exchange information between the different systems of the foundation: Experticket, the financial system, customer CRM, professional CRM, Power BI and the different customer service applications. 


Service validation applications: 

For all those professional companies that sell products and services in Sisventur, we have created the Sisventur validate APP (still in the testing phase), an application that allows our collaborators to validate the presence and access to a tourist service easily by just scanning the QR of the voucher and allows us to have concrete statistics of the sale of services and the use made of them. Venues with turnstiles, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, validate vouchers in real time. 

Data sources 

Our main sources of data are visitors to the website and stores, sales, queries from the live chat, queries from the chatbot, WhatsApp, attention in social networks, information points of the offices and the Valencia Tourist Card, which is the tourist card of the city that includes transportation on the bus, metro and streetcar, admission to all museums and municipal monuments and special discounts at major tourist attractions. With this card, we have developed the necessary technology to know how visitors use and travel around the city with the card. We record the routes taken on public transport, museum admissions, monuments... that allow us to identify patterns of tourist behaviour. 


Omnichannel customer CRM 

Through our CRM we register the tourist's activity from different data sources, structuring them in the different phases of the tourist's customer journey, which allows us to send, through automated workflows, personalised information according to the stage of the customer's life cycle and their interests. It also allows us to analyse and study the tastes and behaviours of the tourist. 

From Visit València we continue to work on developing and improving the system, its applications and the integration of the data offered by the different sources for the exploitation of the same in order to improve the visitor experience and the range of tourists attractions on offer in the city. 


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