Web Ecosystem: visitvalencia.com

The visitvalencia.com website is a key asset for our digitalisation strategy, which is why we have decided to launch a NEW, scalable, technologically superior website that allows us to change its design and structure without having to start a new project and that allows us to integrate any technology later on.   

The site is made up of four main domains: 

  • Visit Valencia www.visitvalencia.com 
  •  Valencia Convention Bureau  www.valenciaconventionbureau.com 
  •  Valencia Film Office www.valenciafilmoffice.org 
  • Fundación Visit Valencia www.fundacion.visitvalencia.com 

The main features of this website are: 

Drupal 9 technology that is scalable to future improved versions: 

A CMS that allows growth and scaling to new versions and design changes without the need to change the databases or their structure. 

A sustainable and scalable cloud server 

A scalable server adapting to the needs of the moment according to visitor demand. Classified as Green Hosting, it uses renewable energies to reduce our carbon footprint in each visit to the web, so we contribute to smart and sustainable tourism. 




API Integration  

A gateway that allows us to connect any website to exchange information from databases. Thanks to the API, we have been able to connect the different systems and channels to the databases, creating an omnichannel ecosystem. The Apps, CRM, Sisventur, Chats, Chatbot… everything is connected and integrated into the visitvalencia.com databases, avoiding duplication of processes and content and unifying processes. 

Mobile first 

A website designed by and for browsing from mobile phones, adapted to the needs of our visitors, but also accessible from any device and browser. 

Unified e-commerce  

E-commerce that is fully integrated with the tourist office sales offices and digital kiosks. It offers a single product catalogue for all channels and is integrated in real time, with service capacity control, as well as unified billing of all sales. 

Speed and performance 

A highly optimised code, to achieve a faster, more efficient website and consequently fewer CO2 emissions per visit. We have minimised the use of JavaScript, optimised the loading of images, optimised the loading of fonts and improved the user experience so that each page loads in less than a second. 


Double-A compliance with web accessibility guidelines. We have paid great attention to colour, avoiding low-contrast colour schemes, separating elements in the design, allowing tabbed navigation, using larger and thicker accessible fonts, and using best practices in layout and page structures. 



Seo friendly 

The entire website has been programmed to have an SEO architecture and to rank quickly in any search engine. 


A website available in seven languages and adapted so that new languages can be added according to market needs. 


A website that has been built with the highest security standards to offer the best guarantee to our visitors. 

Online Chat 

Live chat service to attend to the needs of any tourist in real time. 




An intelligent chat service to resolve doubts about tickets to tourist sites and services, immediately and at any time of the day. 





Intelligent Blog  

An intelligent-content blog, that creates a personalised experience that which to visitors’ contexts. Personalised content according to the characteristics of the visitor who consumes it. 


Customer CRM 

Automated CRM that allows us to study the tastes and navigation of the customer to offer personalised content according to their searches, dates of visits, country... 

Logotipo CRM HubSpot
Process automation 

Automated web by means of workflows in product purchase processes and for those visitors who wish to receive information about the city according to their tastes, information searches, dates of visits, country of origin... 

Digital guides and brochures 

The website makes all our brochures and guides available to visitors in digital format so that users can download them during their visit. 



Users can make a personal list of favourite places and products from our e-commerce. 

Product and service ratings  

Once the purchase of products and services in our e-commerce has been made, the user has the possibility of rating their experience and recommending the service to other users. 

ejemplo comentario web


Interactive tourist map integrated with Google Maps 

An interactive tourist map developed with Google Maps technology that allows us to navigate and search for tourist attractions from our digital media. 

Navigable resources and interactive routes integrated with Google Maps 

Google map technology that allows us to navigate and follow the routes from our digital supports. Each tourist resource on the website is geopositioned, allowing you to navigate to the place where the event or place you want to visit takes place. 


SISVENTUR: Global sales and distribution platform
punto utilización Valencia Card
Digitalisation of the València Tourist Card
oficina turismo joaquin sorolla- kiosco 24 horas
Digitalisation of Tourist Offices
Proyecto Scithos
Apps: Apps for tourists and professionals
Oficina Turismo Ayuntamiento
Omni-channel customer service
plano de valencia
Digitalisation: Strategy and projects